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Trivia Crack Android Apps Free Download [Latest]

Trivia Crack Android Apps Free Download [Latest]

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack Android Apps Free Download [Latest] is a game through the creators of Aworded that pits you against buddies and household (or strangers, if you prefer) to place your understanding of many topics being different the test. You can play against a couple of people at that right time that is same six groups – geography, history, art and literature, technology and technology, entertainment, and recreations. The choice that is numerous (think Wheel of Fortune satisfies Trivial Pursuit) to try out, all you have to do is spin the wheel and solution.

With each solution that is right, you’ll boost your points tally, along with win power-ups that give you time that is additional have the response or extra spins to pick another category or question.There is certainly a character that is express that is a significantly different class and, to win, you need to gather all six.

Collect most of the figures
Among the many remarkable issues with Trivia Crack is its fun and movement that is frivolous alongside its number of quirky and pictures that are colorful.

Fun for all of your family
Trivia Crack Android Apps Free Download [Latest] is the sort of game autumn that is love that is you’ll the very first time you perform it and, even though issues might appear hard initially, the degree would work for people of all many years.

Also, you don’t need to wait long to locate an opponent to play with as well as you can play having a few individuals at that time that is same exactly what is an exceedingly fun and game that is likely no coincidence Trivia Crack could be the # 1 trivia game in the US and Canada. This game is one-of-a-kind. With more than 100 thousand concerns and updates being constant Trivia Crack never gets old. Upload your questions which can be own are user-created or translate and price those of other users and join the Trivia Crack community!
The bright, sophisticated and intuitive screen through the minute you start playing Trivia Crack, you’ll notice. The characters have the life of their own with lively animations at every action!
Trivia Crack takes place to be accessible in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Turkish and Korean. New languages added regularly!
Just what exactly are you waiting for? Get a hold of Trivia Crack now and initiate friends that are challenging family!

How to get cards

To get cards, we need gems. They might be acquired by playing games, or from in-app purchase, or some cards shall be found by you which reward gems. We make points; as soon we answer questions, both in challenge and game mode that is classic as we reach 50 points, a flower is fallen within our account once. The purpose countertop is located close to the buttons to like, dislike, report a question that is relevant continue the game (in challenges this means that just after having replied issue that is last, every gem we have, the countertop begins from zero. A concern responded correctly in classic mode, offers 2 points; while one answer that challenges being proper gives one point. We can shut it, or press the “get more cards” switch to attain the cards unit when we win a gem, and appears that is alert. Costs can be high for buying flowers by in-app acquisitions, so we’d maybe not suggest to you need to this task, it is safer to make sure they are by playing.


  • This could be a slot machine game, where we could buy cards with gems. We have three machines being basic each one has cards in it, with various costs.
  • Whimsical: its cards require one gem each, Oahu is the tool that gets cards from first. Every player begins from playful. Otherwise, other machines do not unlock.
    Majestic: this machine’s cards, expense three gems each.

Gnarly: its cards are priced at five gems each. It is suggested to complete other two devices before considering this one.
During special celebrations or wedding anniversaries, Trivia Crack creates restricted edition cards, which often enable to acquire a card with one gem, by way of a price reduction that is daily while other cards bought the day that is same price five flowers each. Right here on AppleVis, there exists a regularly updated list of cards containing all the cards from all devices, with associated bonus values. Let’s explain the cards machine’s layout: starting from the left that is top the screen, a button” music that says” is concentrated; its purpose is to turn computer’s music on or down. Then, a Close button, together with the number that is actual of gems inside our account.

  •  Bonus values which can be greatest
  •  medium bonus values
  •  lowest bonus values, and obtainable in every machine


As said before, tickets machines are like slots, where maps are extracted arbitrarily. No one could know very well what card shall be obtained, in advance, so, it’s rather easy to get duplicates. There is no worry about any of it, also if copies currently cannot be discarded, as time goes by Trivia Crack’s development team plans to give the possibility to switch cards with friends. However, for now, it’s recommended perhaps not to buy cards if gems quantity is near zero; a way that is most beneficial to play often has a gems-rewarding card in the dashboard, with all the purpose of never being seamless. Buying gems from the shop is not advised at all, we have duplicates since

NOTE: this guide will be updated accordingly, as soon being a version that is brand new of Crack with user interface changes or features added, may be released.

The guide on this web page has generously been submitted by way of a member that is known to AppleVis community. Either express or implied, associated with accuracy or completeness associated with the info included in this guide as AppleVis is a website that is community-powered we make no guarantee.

  • Variety of issues
  • Period for each and every question
  • Play having an opponent that is random a detailed friend from Facebook
  • Time limit for every concern


  • You cannot speak to opponents
  • Just one level of questions


  • Put your knowledge towards the test
  •  Dare your buddies as much as a challenge
  • Chat real-time with friends and opponents
  • Combine wit and strategy
  • Suggest, price and convert questions
  •  Share your achievements

Technical Issue:

  • Access record of accounts in the Accounts Service
  • Get information regarding the currently or tasks being recently managing a thumbnail representation of the tasks, exactly what jobs are running on it, etc
  • Act being an AccountAuthenticator for the AccountManager
  • Request auth tokens from the AccountManager
  • Access the vibration feature
  • Read from external storage space
  • Allows an application to receive communications via Google Cloud Messaging
  • Access information regarding Wi-Fi systems
  • Allows giving payment that is in-app and handling in-app billing deals
  • Access coarse (e.g., Cell-ID, Wi-Fi) location
  • Start system sockets
  • Write to storage that is outside
  • Approximate Download Time: More than five minutes
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 2.3.3
  • Access information regarding companies
  • PowerManager WakeLocks to help keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
    Manage the list of records into the AccountManager
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